Codiscent Tools

The Codiscent solution set includes tools and complimentary methods that maximize the efficiency with which we can deliver solutions.

Our tools include:

  • The Generative Engineering Studio Supports template authoring and debugging.  It manages all artifacts associated with a solution—models, data sources, templates, extensions and controls the generation process.
  • Solution Modeling and Integrity Support with the components that support defining, populating and managing solution models.
  • Graphical Toolkit—Provides the ability to define, create and use diagrams to represent model requirements. (Data Managenent)
  • Reverse Engineering Studio The Reverse Engineering Studio manages artifacts associated with reverse engineering—Templates, Regex library, source code, parsing output in tree and tabular formats.  It supports parser template authoring and debugging, controls the parsing process and generates output that can be transferred to a GES specification dataset and used to forward-generate solution components.
  • Control Center Generator (CCG) Generates solution-specific management applications that allow users to manage their own solutions.

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