Our technology and approach can be applied to virtually any software challenge.  We have delivered engagements involving:

  • Re-engineering Component or application layer replacement
  • Application Modernization or Re-platforming Reverse Engineering outdated code and forward generating new application code
  • Data Management or Transformation Model-to-model or schema migrations DBMS-to-DBMS transitions

See Case Studies [link to What We Do page, Case Studies section] that document Codiscent successes:

  •  Application Generation including Graphical User frontends and business rule validation in Java, Dojo and C# for Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Application Enhancement of a previously generated solution to include an updated GUI and Temporal support
  • Reverse Engineering of a Uniface application and forward generation of a C# replacement
  • Reverse Engineering of an Adabas Natural application and forward generation of a Java replacement
  • Model-to-model transformation, ETL development and data migration to support a transition to an updated version of a production application

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