Value Proposition

Our Generative Software Engineering approach provides substantial benefits:

  • Better, Cheaper, Faster software development
  • Lower development risks
  • Consistent architecture and code bases, increased agility and lower TCO
  • Exceptional solution component reusability
  • Independent solution deployment with no need to expose the enabling tools in your production environment

It helps address common challenges in software development:

  •  Systems with numerous and diverse interfaces are labor-intensive, tedious and error-prone to build.
  • Hand-built code takes a lot of time to test and validate.
  • Time-consuming, labor-intensive coding reduces opportunities to iterate solutions.
  • Time spent figuring out how to program a solution can take away from optimizing its architecture and design.
  • Early coding errors impose asymmetric costs to resolve downstream.

And helps avoid the common pitfalls that can result:

  •  Compromised functional scope, architecture and design
  • Unnecessary coding labor
  • Cost and time overruns
  • Avoidable errors that persist beyond unit testing
  • Inconsistent code bases, which are difficult to test and maintain
  • Limited flexibility, agility and excessive TCO
  • Limited solution component reusability


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