About Codiscent

Codiscent’s technology and methods have been evolving for the past 15 years.  Within the past two years, we have productized our services so that our clients and partners can take advantage of them.  Codiscent’s principals who, between them, have over 70 years of experience delivering software solutions to demanding clientele in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Advertising and e-Business include:

Ze’ev Chared, Founder and Chief Scientist
Ze’ev has worked for a number of leading companies in the United States and Israel over the past 15 years.  He began his work in generative engineering while working with Ernst & Young on a large call center automation project for Dreyfus Corporation and did development work for Gateway Computer, Pfizer and other companies.  He started and ran Superset Technologies, a web development company for a number of years before returning with his family to Israel.  In Israel, Ze’ev founded Codiscent and has performed Proof of Concept and implementation engagements for major companies in Healthcare and Financial services and government agencies.  Ze’ev has a BS in Computer Science from the University Bar Ilan and is currently working to complete his M.Sc at the Tel Aviv Open University.

Claudio Kolodzinski, President – Codiscent Americas
Claudio has over 25 years of specialization in Financial Technology.  He has worked all over the world including Sweden, Spain, Great Britain and the United States for companies such as IBM, Seer Technologies, Platinum Technologies, Computer Associates and Actimize providing services to major financial institutions such as TIAA CREF, Citibank, Chase, TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, UBS and Wells Fargo.  Claudio has in-depth experience in Financial Services Process Engineering and particularly he is an expert in Regulatory Compliance Monitoring in the areas of brokerage and trading controls.  Claudio holds an MS in Computer Science from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

 Codiscent’s Generative Engineering and Reverse Engineering tools undergo continuous evolution and innovation.  Every problem we solve adds to our library of reusable solution artifacts and allows us to deliver even more accelerated results in subsequent instances.


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