Data Management or Transformation

We enable your business by automatically producing data artifacts capable of reporting on quality and completeness of the data needed for any purpose of your organization.

Managing application modifications often requires modifying the data structures of the repositories with which they interact.  Codiscent’s robust model-to-model transformation capabilities are an excellent application of the toolset to accelerate modification and transformation efforts, maintain data integrity and lower risks of errors in marshalling or scaffolding code, which is more susceptible to development errors than functional code is.

Codiscent’s support for accelerated transformations is enabled by the ability to extract schema data from source and target repositories, create an independent specification model mapping data from source to target, specify integrity rules within the model that can be generated into the ETL code and then generate the code required to manage the data migration.

The same artifacts used for data transformation are applicable to reporting on current state of your data sources for a specific purpose. We call this approach, “the single point of truth”

Example: Your organization is implementing a new product from a third party vendor. It is expected to want to minimize risk by knowing in advance the gap existing between the data currently in store vs. the data that is expected for the project to succeed. Inadequate early data assessment represent 80% of all IT project failures.

Codiscent minimizes risk by generating data base artifacts that fully report on data gaps according to the requirements of specific internal projects or third party vendors.

Your organization can prepare your data prior to the even first task of a new implementation project.



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