Advanced Data Management Application with GUI generation and Temporal Extensions

Overview and Business Case

The financial services client for the Generated GUI POC elected to go forward with the production implementation.  In addition, the customer wanted to modify the implementation so that the solution could be delivered over the web.

Solution Required

The functionality delivered in the POC with the implementation modified so that the solution could be delivered over the web.


Codiscent had to learn the Google Windows Toolkit (GWT) in order to employ it.

Codiscent Solution

The artifacts (the solution model and the templates) that were implemented for the initial GUI generation solution were updated to generate Google Windows Toolkit and AJAX code.  150-200 forms and the required transaction integrity management code was produced over approximately a 16 –week period.


The enhanced solution was constructed, tested and regenerated within 16 weeks.  The client now has a fully-functional web application and is considering expanding it to support additional business processes.


This is a good example of Codiscent Solutions’ agility and reusability.  A large proportion of the artifacts built to support the POC solution were reused for the construction of the production implementation.  The rapid implementation of the production version demonstrates that once we have solved a problem, reusing the artifacts to implement a new solution based on them can be accelerated substantially.



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