Model-To-Model Data Transformation in Support of an Application Upgrade

Overview and Business Case

The customer, a large governmental agency, was implementing a new version of an existing application and had to transform a SQL Server database of 120 tables to be compatible with the new version.

Solution Required

The customer required a model-to-model transformation with logical integrity checking for all of the existing application data.  A process to allow staff to identify and modify any data that does not conform to logical requirements is also required.


The major challenge in this project consisted of mapping source to target models while accounting for every possible deviation.

Codiscent Solution

Codiscent extracted the schema data from the source and target databases and created a model in which the data was mapped between the two.  We enhanced the data model to describe the integrity requirements and then generated the DML needed to manage the data migration.  In addition, we generated scripts to identify every problem in transferring data at the row and column level, thus preventing bad data from appearing in the target database.


The migration was successfully completed within a six-week period.


This is another example of the value Codiscent can bring to accelerate tedious, labor-intensive tasks while also enhancing integrity management.

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